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Compdigitec ODPMerge is a small utility written in cross-platfrom wxWidgets C++ to merge multiple OpenDocument Presentation ( Impress) files into one. Since's built in slide importer only allows for importing one .odp at a time, this utility allows you to merge unlimited (only limited by the system's processor and memory) amounts of presentations into a single presentation.

Get Compdigitec ODPMerge (Current Version - v1.0)

Windows: Windows 9x, 2000, XP, Vista and 7 Mac OS X: Mac OS X
  • No binaries are available for Mac OS X at the moment, but you may attempt to compile the source on Mac OS X. Please contribute if you can!
Linux: Linux Source Code: Source Code


ODPMerge v1.0 on Windows Vista
ODPMerge v1.0 on Windows Vista
ODPMerge v1.0 on Ubuntu 9.10
ODPMerge v1.0 on Ubuntu 9.10

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