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WP No-Bot Question project page

WP No-Bot Question is a very effective yet simple plugin which adds a question to the comment form that blocks most automated spam-bots by making them answer a common sense question. For optimal effectiveness, you should add multiple questions so that the spambots can't "memorize" the question and answer. The plugin will display questions at random to prevent the aformentioned memorization. Multiple answers can be added per question to account for variances in answers. (e.g. "five", "Five", "5")

The latest release is 0.1.5, released on April 28, 2014.

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Version 0.1.5:

Install to the wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress, then activate through the plugin interface. You can edit questions from the admin at "Settings -> WP No-Bot Question".


WP No-Bot Question admin interface
WP No-Bot Question admin interface Message presented to incorrect answer
Message presented to incorrect answer


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