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Geany – the ultimate IDE for programming

By admin | August 28, 2008

Geany v0.13 running on Ubuntu Linux

Geany 0.21

Geany 0.21

Geany (Wikipedia article) is one of the best open source, multi-platform (supports Windows, Linux, Mac and BSD) and multi-language IDE/text editors. It also supports a selection of development commands and supports lots of languages/formats (see note 1). It also supports some unusual file formats such as Makefiles, ini files and SQL files.

Installing/Upgrading Geany (Ubuntu+Debian)
sudo apt-get install geany (See package geany in Ubuntu, package geany in Debian)

Removing Geany (Ubuntu+Debian)
sudo apt-get remove geany

Known Issues


  1. See (Archived 2008-08-28)

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