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Using UTF-8 in PHP-GTK2

By admin | August 18, 2008

An image of PHP-GTK2 on Ubuntu trying to display Asian languages
When trying to use a string that has characters that are non-English (Asian and middle east characters) or characters that have accents for PHP-GTK’s widgets, you may possibly encounter a situation like the image to the right.

This bug or glitch is caused by the fact that you are trying to use a regional encoding for the application, when in fact you should be passing utf8_encode‘ed strings to it. This also happens with non-english characters in an Gettext messages file.

This can be accomplished with:

// ... code

// Instead of using function($nonenglish), use function(utf8_encode($nonenglish)) instead

// … code

The example above outputs the contents of the first parameter. You can use the above script to encode files with php filename.php > – though you should consider making a backup.

For displaying text inside GtkTextView (set text via GtkTextBuffer) though, you will need to use iconv to convert the regional encoding to UTF-8:

// ... code

// For conversion from Windows Notepad
echo iconv(“windows-1252”,“UTF-8”,$str);
// For conversion from French
echo iconv(“IBM863”,“UTF-8”,$str);
// For conversion from Chinese
echo iconv(“GB2312”,“UTF-8”,$str);

// … code

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