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Compiling re2c 0.13.5 on Ubuntu 8.04+ (binaries available)

By admin | August 19, 2008

If you need the latest features of the re2c compiler, you would normally sudo apt-get install re2c to install the re2c compiler. However, the Ubuntu packaging team (again) has not updated their re2c package to the latest re2c v0.13.5, so here are some pre-compiled re2c binaries. Be sure to remove the official version in the repos before installing.

Download pre-compiled packages of re2c 0.13.5

If you still want to compile it yourself, make sure you install GNU Bison, GNU C Compiler and the build essentials – you can do all of this with sudo apt-get install bison gcc build-essential.

  1. Download re2c 0.13.5 and extract it to a temporary folder (/usr/src/re2c in the logs).
  2. Configure re2c with ./configure --prefix=/re2c. If you require it, here are logs of an successful configure.
  3. If successful, build re2c with make. Again, here are the make logs of a successful make if you require it.
  4. If successful, copy re2c to /re2c with make install. If you require it, here are make install logs. (Installation comes later).
  5. Test it by running /re2c/bin/re2c --version. It should return “re2c 0.13.5”. If it does not, repeat all of the steps above and try again.
  6. Now build a Debian/Ubuntu package: (stripped down version of this article – read it for more details)
    1. Make a new folder called package
    2. Change into the package folder
    3. Make a new folder called DEBIAN
    4. Inside the DEBIAN folder, create a file called control. See for more details. (Note: do not name the package re2c to avoid conflict with the existing one)
    5. Copy /re2c to here and rename it usr
    6. (Important) Create a dummy link with ln -s /re2c /usr
    7. Change to the parent directory
    8. Build package with dpkg-deb --build package.
    9. If everything was successful, your new package is in package.deb!
  7. Remove /re2c and all sub-folders.
  8. You’re done! Install your package with dpkg -i package.deb.

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If you found this article helpful or interesting, please help Compdigitec spread the word. Don’t forget to subscribe to Compdigitec Labs for more useful and interesting articles!

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4 Responses to “Compiling re2c 0.13.5 on Ubuntu 8.04+ (binaries available)”

  1. Newsflx Says:
    November 25th, 2009 at 23:51

    Here’s a great PDF guide for Ubuntu Karmic Koala. Its something both linux newbs and experts will appreciate.

  2. tammna Says:
    May 9th, 2013 at 16:56

    one dumb question , thats way of installing you mention ..whats the way to run this tool ..any particular command …My apology in advance for being newbie

  3. admin Says:
    May 11th, 2013 at 01:15


    Usually tools like re2c are used by other programs, but you could use it directly if you wished to by running ‘re2c’ in the console.

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    July 9th, 2024 at 20:48

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